Welcome to Optionary

OPTIONARY is a fun, competitive, educational vocabulary game based on sound cues and definitions. The degree of difficulty of each word is designated by a color code (green/orange/red).The “Beginning sounds” are given for all definitions on the card in play. The player/s reads the definition and guesses the word answer. The last definition has the “Beginning sounds” at the END of the word and a player has the OPTION to play this word or not (as in this case a point is earned for a correct answer but a point is deducted for an incorrect answer)


Edition 1 (Consonant+Vowel “Beginnings” and “Endings”) 

-500 “cards”   2000 definitions!  

-Levels of difficulty allow for inclusion of younger players 

-Luck of the draw” variation of difficulty within levels accommodates   differences in “language proficiency” of individuals                                                                           

-Choice of single player or 2 or more players



In the English language we often tend to focus on the spelling of words. BUT, meaning and sound or phonemic awareness are the critical skills. For “language lovers” at any level there is always pleasure and satisfaction involved in learning new vocabulary (hence the great appeal of crossword puzzles etc.) This game is different in that it focuses on sounds and definition rather than spelling. The game format allows us to learn while having fun.